I’ve been jet skiin’, jet skiin’ in Dubai

This blog is long overdue. But hey, better late than never right?!? 🥴😅 As the world "reopens" after shutdowns due to the Coronavirus Disease (Covid19), I want to share with you one of my favorite trips. Two of my cousins and I went to Dubai in 2019 (late October to early November), just in time... Continue Reading →


There's a new kid on the block ... From their consistent social media presence to their official launch, I've been very impressed with LUXE Carnival and what they had to offer for Sugar Mas 48. They held their launch party at Vibes Beach Bar and ley me tell you, e bin hotttt 🥵. Online Registration... Continue Reading →

Carnival Lingo 101

Historical Backdrop of Carnival Carnival is a celebration that originates from the disruption of pre-emancipation societal norms and structures which were deemed to be oppressive. Modern-day Carnivals throughout the Caribbean region, as well as the diaspora, continue to reflect the origins of Carnival. I decided to write this piece for two reasons; I got a few... Continue Reading →

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