Everyting You Need To Know About Sugar Mas | St. Kitts and Nevis’ National Carnival

Soooo. Maybe you heard your friends rave about their time at Sugar Mas? Or maybe you saw a viral clip of Sugar Mas and now you want in? Either way, Sugar Mas is hands down the Carnival you need to end and begin your year with.

St. Kitts and Nevis’ National Carnival, affectionately known as Sugar Mas, takes place between the months of November and January with its main events such as J’ouvert taking place on the day after Christmas, Parade Day happening on New Year’s Day, and Last Lap on the second day of the new year. *It’s important to note that this year’s dates fall outside of the norm since January 1st falls on a Sunday. This Sugar Mas’ Parade Day will be on January 2nd, 2023, and Last Lap on January 3rd, 2023.

Sugar Mas 48 J’ouvert with Chattabox

Sugar Mas is a great way to learn and experience both traditional folklore and modern-day carnival. Folklore performances such as masquerade are evident throughout Sugar Mas.

Traditional Masqueraders

In addition to events held by the National Carnival Committee, there is an entire calendar of fringe events and fetes (see calendar below). I honestly like to think of this time as ALL GAS, NO BRAKES. Fringe events like Inception, a 12 hour fete (yesssss, TWELVE hours), will truly test your endurance.

Notable fringe events that happen to be must attends for me are:

⁃ Top Off Brunch

⁃ Soca Seas

⁃ Cooler Fete

⁃ Inception Fete

Inception Fete
Top Off Brunch
Soca Seas

J’ouvert is the perfect way to wrap up Christmas. After having Christmas dinner with your family (or friends), you take a quick nap, and then head to the streets for J’ouvert around 3/4am and jam all through town until 12 noon. My recommendations for J’ouvert troupes are always Chattabox and Red Devilz. I’ve played with both and enjoyed both experiences.

Chattabox J’ouvert Sugar Mas 48

For the mas lovers, there’s a mas band for everyone. From those who want a more traditional mas character experience such as Clown and Masquerade to those who like pretty mas and want to be adorned in a costume.

My most recent experience on the road, for Sugar Mas 48, was with LUXE Carnival and I enjoyed every moment! From distribution (iykyk), to road entertainment, food and drinks, on road perks, and the details of the costumes, I loved it all! If you decide to play mas with LUXE, use my registration code “simsimma” to have an exclusive surprise added to your package.

LUXE Carnival Parade Day Sugar Mas 48
LUXE Carnival Last Lap Sugar Mas 48

The National Carnival Committee also puts on pageantry shows such as Miss National Carnival and Miss National Swimwear. There are also traditional Calypso shows as well as Soca Monarch shows.

There truly is someting for everyone to enjoy during Sugar Mas.

Basseterre, St. Kitts
St. Kitts and Nevis National Carnival 2022-2023 | Sugar Mas 51 Events Calendar

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