Why Costa Rica?

37,000 feet high is a view that I could possibly get used to (too bad it’s just for a few hours). Right now, I am filled with a million and one different emotions ranging from anxiety to even excitement. When most students think of studying abroad they think of places in Europe. For me however, I wanted to be somewhere tropical (I mean who wouldn’t) I chose ICDS’ (International Center for Developmental Studies) program through API (Academic Programs International) at Universidad Latina because they had courses that really took to my liking – and it was in Costa Rica, somewhere tropical.

Since I knew I wanted to be somewhere tropical, I knew Costa Rica would be the perfect choice. I began preparing to study abroad by visiting our study abroad office and filing out the online application. Once I got approved to study abroad by the Study Abroad office, then proceeded to complete the post-acceptance portion of the acceptance online. Additionally, I completed the required online tasks by API.

Going abroad (especially when you know absolutely no one) is like stepping into a dark cave and not knowing what animals are in that cave but just hoping for the best. From this experience I hope to gain a better, more global understanding and appreciation for life in general. I vow to myself to be extremely open in trying new things that I wouldn’t necessarily try if I was back home.  I also vow to be open and understanding of the “Pura Vida” lifestyle – como una tica. 🙂

But I’ve gotta be honest about one thing. Packing for this trip was an extreme challenge. It’s so hard to confine clothes and other miscellaneous items that you want to carry to two 50 pound bags. I mean yeah, we were given a suggested packing list – but let’s be honest what girl is going to follow that.

¡Hasta luego para ahora!

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