Puerto Viejo Otra Vez (A Journal Entry)

Sunday, November 9, 2014 11:49 am

Hot Rocks, P. Viejo, Limon

I feel so at home here. Last night we went to Lazy Mon and they played so much reggae (I just happened to be wearing my Dread and Terrible shirt haha). This morning we went back to Bread and Chocolate for breakfast. Which might I say was nothing short of amazing again. I got the Queen of Sheba cake to go again. I really wish that I could stay here just a little longer. UGH I feel so overwhelmed with school work. We have a million and one papers, exams and presentations due in the next few weeks. I really need to have a little yoga session to chill out a bit, or maybe I could just stay in P. Viejo lol. Pero Pura Vida nonetheless.



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