There’s a new kid on the block

From their consistent social media presence to their official launch, I’ve been very impressed with LUXE Carnival and what they had to offer for Sugar Mas 48. They held their launch party at Vibes Beach Bar and ley me tell you, e bin hotttt šŸ„µ.

Online Registration

After their launch, I was honestly torn between two sections ā€” Creole and Europeans. I liked the color combination of Creole but like the uniqueness and intricacy of European’s bodywear and luxurious backpack. Needless to say, it took me a while to finally decide on my section. Like, a whileeeee.

Literally my reaction when I finally decided on a costume šŸ˜…

Thankfully, the LUXE team was extremely efficient with their communication efforts. I honestly wish that I could respond to dms as fast as they did. Because I am bigger in the bust area, I wanted to make sure that I would get a costume that would fit my body type perfectly. The team was eager to make sure I felt confident in my section selection and ensuring that I had my worries were put to ease. They offered many customization options (i.e. adding mesh to bodices) to ensure that each masquerader looks good on the road.

Alright, so I done decide on a section and boom, distribution time comes around …

Listen right. I really wanted to vlog the distribution but everything just happened sooooo fast. I was honestly so impressed as this was by far the smoothest distribution I’ve ever experienced. I literally showed up to the mas camp, was greeted by such enthusiastic representatives who brought out my LUXE tote bag (which honestly is the best distribution bag I’ve ever received) and my feathered backpack. One of the representatives went through my tote bag while having me check off items on a checklist. Not only was I impressed with the intricacies and details of my bodywear, as well as the elaborateness of my feathered backpack, I was also thrilled at all of the goodies we got in our totebag. We got Peter Thomas Roth face products, a water bottle, a LUXE mason jar, condoms, compact mirror, nipple pasties, a soap bar, a mini perfume spray, and a rag (you know for when tings get wet).

Just look at how excited I was after distribution

Feed Me

Soooo, being the true foodie that I am, I obviously need to report on the food we received on the road. Now, I’m used to mas bands providing masqueraders with finger foods and/or snacks while on the road. Well, LUXE stepped it up a notch (actually several tbh) and give us full food platters. On parade day, I had a chicken platter that included a chicken thigh, rice and peas, stemmed veggies, and a corn pie (a fave of mine btw). I’m still reminiscing how good the fish soup we got on day 2 was. It honestly complimented the midday rain that we experienced before heading on the road.

Parade Day food option

Now, what’s mas without an endless amount of drankssss (unless you don’t drink). Well luckily for me (since I was already well nourished), LUXE had an endless supply of drinks. I fell in love with the Caribe Rose Cider which I had on both days. Call me weak but I like to pace myself in the hot sun. I honestly expected to have to resort to my backup drink (Malibu and pink Ting) when they ran out, but they never did. Endless drinks. Literally endless.

Day 2 (Last Lap) wear

Unlike the majority of mas band experiences, the entertainers with LUXE really and truly interacted with masqueraders by jamming and performing in street and not just up on the truck. I distinctively remember Mr. Bagnall preforming local hits like Head Dung and Bruk It Set It while jamming and chipping down the road with masqueraders. I truly appreciated the diversity of the music that was played. There was band (wilders) music and a handful djs (both international and local) who played a good selection of music. I even remember hearing a bit of afrobeats at the end of parade day (shoutout to Lady Drea). Lemme just say that the vibes were definitely right on the road with LUXE.

I really and truly feel like I gained a new mas family with LUXE. If this was just year one, I can’t wait to see what year two has in store!

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