Academics … I Guess That’s The Reason For Me Being In Paradise

There have been numerous amount of times where I’ve completely forgotten the main reason as to why I’m in Costa Rica. And that reason happens to be … academics. The classrooms at Universidad Latina (U Latina or La U as the locals call it) are very similar to those back at Fairfield. They all have white erase boards (which I must say are very cute), two person desks, chairs, and a computer with a big screen TV. I am currently taking 5 classes:

  1. Spanish (I mean wasn’t that expected)
  2. Development in Latin America from a Gender Perspective
  3. Community Engagement & Local Development (which includes a volunteering portion that takes place on Fridays)
  4. Human Rights
  5. Current Environmental Issues

Thankfully, all of my classes (with the exception of Spanish of course) are taught in English. My professors are all experts in the fields in which they teach. I would say that the course load is about the same as I would have back at Fairfield. The only main difference between my classes here and back at Fairfield is that I have noticed that all of my classes here are presentation based so I have a lot of presentations.

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