She’s Such an Individualist

Individualist … Independent. Those are definitely two words that explain my personality. An individualist is defined as a person who likes independence and does not like large groups. Studying in a completely foreign country and society than that we are used to, it’s taken me a while to get used to do almost everything in groups. I’ve accepted this sense of collectivism for the sole purpose of it being for my own safety. But … I still love adventuring off alone. Just this past Thursday during my 3 hour break during class, I decided to go to San Jose alone. OK. So it was like a random trip. Haha. I actually had a reason to go into the city. I needed to get hair products that I couldn’t find in the nearby mall. But in retrospect, it felt very good to be able to adventure a bit on my own. At the end of the day most may just say, “she’s such and individualist.”

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