This weekend was nothing short of amazing during the four days I spent in Bocas del Toro, Panama. I’ll give you a quick run through of my days spent on the island:

  • Friday: I was up and ready to leave for Panama at 5 in the morning. We got to Panama around 2 (Panamanian time, which is an hour ahead of Costa Rica). I then toured the city and went to dinner.
  • Saturday: I attempted to snorkel near one of neighboring keys. After a failed attempted at snorkeling because I didn’t know how to swim, we went to Red Frog Beach which is on a private island. Two friends and I had lunch at one of the huts on the island. After having lunch we went straight into the water (something that goes against an old wives tale). After many attempts at floating and swimming all together, I finally got a hang of it and was able to swim. I’ll admit that that was probably the highlight of my entire weekend since it was something that I had been trying to do for quite some time now.
  • Sunday: I bike a total of 28 km to the beach and back. Yes, 28 km. I myself was extremely impressed with myself. We biked to Playa Bluff. Playa Bluff reminded me of Manual Antonio because of it’s rough waves. However unlike Manuel Antonio, Playa Bluff was a lot more private.
  • Monday: Breakfast at 6 am. Back at Costa Rica by 2 pm.

Enjoy the pictures!

Welcome to Panama.
View from the boat ride to Isla Colon.
View from the boat ride to Isla Colon.
Bridge at the border between Costa Rica and Panama.
View of Corals from snorkeling.
Houses in water along the keys of Bocas del Toro.
House on Panama’s main land.
View from one of the port’s on Isla Colon.
Lunch at Playa Bluff.
Abundance of Starfish in the clear water.
Caribbean inspired cuisine. Coconut Curry fish and shrimp.
FullSizeRender (1)
Monday’s sunrise.


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