This weekend has been nothing short of amazing. Along with my classmates, I went to Tortuguero which is located in the Province of Limon. Limon is located on the Caribbean side of the island. Because of this, Limon is where a vast majority of Costa Rica’s Black population lives. Limon is also said to be the poorest Province in Costa Rica.

The mission of our trip to Tortuguero was to paint and clean up a local school in Tortuguero. The school is a one room schoolhouse that is run by one teacher. This one teacher makes it his duty to compile varying lessons plans for all the students (about 14) since they are all in different grades. Along with being the teacher, he also makes it his business to pick up all of his students along the river so that they have a way to get to school. Since we were in Tortuguero which literally translates to Region of Turtles, we were fortunate to visit a nest. However all of the Turtles we say (as you’ll see in the pictures below) were dead.

On our way back to the city, we stopped on the roadside for some local Ceviche. Ceviche is raw fish that’s “cooked” in acidic juice.

September 2014 100
Alexa, Lizzie and I outside of the Turtle nursery.
September 2014 124
Getting ready to paint the school’s comedor.

September 2014 132
So focused on painting the comedor perfectly.

September 2014 139
Painting the school’s outside columns.

Beautiful scenery on the way to Tortuguero.
The canal that we used to travel between the mainland and Tortuguero.
Just trying to be photogenic …
Our tent at the lodge in Tortuguero.
Where part where the meets the River meets the Caribbean Sea.
Stage 3 baby Turtle that died in the developmental process.
Fully developed baby Turtle that died because of an unknown purpose.
Turtle nesting area.
Turtle eggs.
Tortuguero Beach.
Lirio Lodge – the place we stayed overnight.
A banana plantation owned by Del Monte that we saw on the way to Tortuguero.



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