21 Bloggers and Creatives of Caribbean Descent You Should Be Following

Alright folks, time to put your money where your mouth is (well not literally but yeah) and support some bloggers and creatives who are of Caribbean descent. This is an extremely short list and does not cover all of the super creative Caribbean folks on IG. These are a few of my faves (in alphabetical […]

Was Cuba Worth The Hype? | My Unfiltered Synopsis

A week ago, I embarked on a week-long journey to Cuba. For many avid travelers, Cuba is considered a must due to it’s rich history. Ever since President Obama re-established diplomatic ties with the Cuban government in 2015, Americans have been allowed to travel to Cuba once they fall within the twelve approved general license […]


This weekend was nothing short of amazing during the four days I spent in Bocas del Toro, Panama. I’ll give you a quick run through of my days spent on the island: Friday: I was up and ready to leave for Panama at 5 in the morning. We got to Panama around 2 (Panamanian time, which is an […]

Academics … I Guess That’s The Reason For Me Being In Paradise

There have been numerous amount of times where I’ve completely forgotten the main reason as to why I’m in Costa Rica. And that reason happens to be … academics. The classrooms at Universidad Latina (U Latina or La U as the locals call it) are very similar to those back at Fairfield. They all have white erase boards […]